Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The promoter's prerogative

I've spent my gig-going life standing around thinking "why don't they get on with it?" and so it's good to be in a position to do something about it. Last night at the Duckworth Lewis show at Lord's we found ourselves ready to start the second half earlier than anticipated. It was the same at the Daniel Tashian show the week before.

As one of the promoters I was able to say "let's get started then". That way the band aren't racing against the clock to fit their set in, the audience aren't hanging around bored, they don't have to race for the tubes at the end and the band and crew either get to see more of their hotel beds or make tracks to the next show. Everybody looked at me with that expression that says "can we really do that then?"

It could be that the best things happen late at night but since I'm unlikely to be awake to experience them I don't much care.


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  2. I couldn't agree more David. I was thrilled last week when you announced the 30 minute wait would not actually be happening. I was there on my own and beer was 7 quid a pint or something so I was happy to just get on with it.

    Last night was wonderful. Shame you had to fly, they were calling for you onstage.

  3. I’d certainly vote for “school night” Word In Your Ear gigs to begin at 7 and lights out by 10. I think that would appeal to the following you are gathering!

  4. If you're a promoter who's getting a cut of the bar, I bet you'd be less keen on any of this going-on-early stuff.

  5. I noticed this and thought that it was great.

    The no-man's land between the doors opening and the band striking the first notes is one of the more irritating fixtures of live performance.

    Yesterday I was one of the last in to the venue. I bought a drink and then the lights went down and it started.

    I got home nice and early too (Half past one in the morning is early for me).

    It was a fantastic show. Really entertaining. I found the staff at Lords incredibly friendly and helpful.