Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A little light music in the morning

Last night Danny Baker was wondering how come Harry Nilsson never got the respect he deserved. Maybe it's because he played light music. The music we take seriously is the music that seems to take itself seriously. On Harry, which was made in 1969, he even sings about puppies at one point, which was never going to get the rock critics stroking their goatees in approval. Where's the dark and edgy in that?

I don't know who Mike Viola is. I looked him up a  couple of months ago but I've forgotten what I learned and the more I enjoy Acousto De Perfecto the less interested I am in finding out. I'm sure it would only prejudice me. His voice reminds me a bit of Harry Nilsson, particularly on Primary Care Giver. Most of the record is just him on acoustic guitar plus two people playing violas.

Like Nilsson's records, Viola's sound a little like doodles. There's a line in Secret Radio about songwriting that I like. "Not all of them are worth finishing/But you've got to finish them to see".

You can find them both on Spotify.


  1. You do have to finsh them to see: some songs you just use for spares - there's a tune on my fortcoming EP that's got a verse and refrain I lifted from an old song that was going nowhere. Now it's street legal and good to go.

  2. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Nilsson gets a lot of respect at this place.

  3. I think those who collect know all about the man and those who don't, aren't that bothered.

    Their version of Without You will have someone shouting it whilst surrounded by a dozen lovely Andrex puppies.

  4. Oops and there's more.

    Mike Viola wise, you are right in places, but to me his feet are far more in Power Pop than Harry's would ever have been.

    Harry's biggest song though did come from a band who could be held up as the Godfathers Of Power Pop though.

  5. This harks back to an earlier post of yours - a perfect 13-syllable opening line - "She wakes up, she finds herself sleeping in a doorway"..