Friday, September 28, 2012

So, farewell, Aasmah Mir

The departure of Aasmah Mir from BBC Five Live removes half of one of the BBC's great on-air partnerships.

Peter Allen, her Drivetime partner, is old school. If anything he's even less impressed with the modern world than John Humphreys. You can't help warming to a man who is so determined not to fall in with fashionable enthusiasms and has a memory that goes back further than Tony Blair.

Mir, a Pakistani by descent and Glaswegian by upbringing, is clearly of a different generation but, apart from being a really good broadcaster, she clearly had enough rapport with Allen to play the only niece who could josh him out of his sulks. And she has one of the greatest gifts a radio presenter can have, which is an attractive laugh. I'll miss the pair of them.


  1. I agree they were great - but don't forget what preceded them - Jane Garvey and Peter Allan - now, that was a partnership that made great talk radio!

  2. The Lobster took the words right out of my mouth - and that's not to underplay Aasmah Mir!