Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who can conquer Mount Cassette?

A while back I mentioned I had scores of unlogged, disorganised tapes of my old GLR radio shows. Some saintly souls offered to digitise them. Well, now I've actually got them in one very big box. How do you feel about it now?


  1. Anonymous10:59 am

    Digitise them and then make them available to us all!

  2. That looks like the 1986 prototype iPod.

  3. I could do it for you David, but I'd much rather have a bash at your LP collection...



  4. Pity me - I have a mountain of DAT tapes: band demos, songwriter demos etc. This "technology of the future" is so crap that hardly any of them play without ghastly, speaker-shredding digital errors. The oldest is only about 15 years old. On second thoughts, maybe I'll just biff 'em.

  5. This is what presidential libraries are for. Why not start one ;)

    Alternatively you could buy a cassette-ION and as people have said stick 'em up on the web. As a public service.

    Or, flog them on ebay. Old cassettes with blank labels go well.

    That's enough suggestions - Ed

  6. Have you heard Don Everly's disco-hipped version of Warming Up The Band? Like Little Feat meet AWB

  7. Dave, to have a crack yourself, this is what you need:

    A cassette deck plus a cable that has the red and white plugs on one end and a coaxial socket on the other.
    A copy of Roxio Toast which has within it a programme called CD Spin Doctor.
    The time and inclination.
    Oh and a Mac of course.

    You boot up CD Spin doctor, plug in the tape player, press play and record simultaneously, and it records to create an mpeg. Downside is it is done in real time, like in the old days.

    It really is a P of P though....

  8. My box of cassettes is bigger than yours ;-) I'm digitising them - it's a long slow project - but I have found some gems from GLR and from Capital Radio 194 amongst them. It's a joy to have to listen to them in real time...

    Mick in Chessington
    mick_the_knife on twitter

  9. You wanna get one of these: