Tuesday, August 11, 2009

50 odd gigs

Last night John Innes sent me this:
[Following Jude Rogers' lead....] OK, here are the rules. Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands (or as many as you can remember) you've seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and opening acts count, but only if you can't think of 50 other artists. Oh, and list the first concert you ever saw (you can remember that, can’t you)?

It was raining last night so I tapped out this:
1. Chuck Berry and the Animals at the Bradford Alhambra, 1965. 
2. Bob Marley and the Wailers, Lyceum, 1975. Best rhythm section I ever heard. Front line not shabby.
3. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Madison Square Garden, Thanksgiving, 1980. Afterwards they had a party in the bowling alley.
4. Earth Wind and Fire, Wembley Arena, 1980-ish. The drummer levitated and turned upside down while playing a solo.
5. Diana Ross, Wembley Arena, 1983? She had a tantrum over the sound and kicked a whole monitor off the stage with just her tiny foot.
6. Little Feat at the Rainbow on a Sunday afternoon in 1974(?) The Doobie Brothers literally couldn't follow them.
7. Haircut One Hundred at the Hammersmith Odeon at the height of Heyward-mania. Mark Ellen and I only men in the audience.
8. Yes at the LSE in 1972. We sat on the floor.
9. The Jam at the Hope and Anchor in 1976. Ten people in the audience.
10. Randy Newman at the Barbican a few years back. Funniest and wisest man in pop.
11. Tom Waits at the BBC TV theatre in 1981. Audience had been bussed in to see Jim'll Fix It.
12. The Modern Lovers at Aylesbury Friar's in 1978. I Introduced them on stage.
13. Elton John at Wembley Stadium in 1975. Hot day. Girlfriend (now wife) and I sat baking on the turf. He played the whole of his new album in dispiriting sequence.
14. Paul McCartney at Earl's Court. It was the first gig that my whole family (youngest member, 7) demanded to attend.
15. Son House at the Commonwealth Centre in 1971(?)
16. Elvis Costello Sunday night residency at the Nashville Rooms in 1977.
17. Maria Muldaur at Ronnie Scott's in 1975. Shook the hand of Amos Garrett.
18. Richard Thompson at the 100 Club on the night before Cropredy a few years back. Teddy was playing guitar. The woman standing next to me was Linda.
19. The last night of the Naughty Rhythms Tour at Holloway Poly. I still have one of Pete Thomas's drum sticks.
20. Jean Michel Jarre lighting up the skyline of Houston in 1983.
21. The D'Oyle Carte Opera doing The Mikado at the Savoy Theatre ten years ago. Best performance of anything I've ever seen.
22. Led Zeppelin at Knebworth in 1978, watched from a lighting tower.
23. Stiff talent night at Eric's, Liverpool in 1977. Jayne Casey and Holly Johnson singing "I'm sticking to you because I'm made out of glue."
24. Marillion in Poznan, Poland, 1986. Band paid in zlotis which they drank afterwards in the hotel bar.
25. Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Sheffield City Hall, 1980. They screened "Deep Throat" on the coach afterwards.
26. The Headboys at the Moonlight Club in West Hampstead. Formerly Klook's Kleek.
27. Tinariwen at the Shepherd's Bush Empire last year. I have finally found my perfect vantage point.
28. Van Morrison and the Caledonia Soul Orchestra at the Rainbow.
29. The J. Geils Band at the Midnight Court at the Lyceum in 1972. We walked most of the way home.
30. The Move at the Queen's Hall, Leeds in 1967. They didn't play but came on stage to apologise.
31. Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band in Leeds, 1967. Somewhere in an arcade.
32. The B 52s at the Paradiso in 1979.
33. Greg Kihn and Sammy Hagar at some County Fair in upstate California in 1976.
34. The McGarrigles at Carnegie Hall. Rufus Wainwright came on and organised them.
35. Humble Pie at Walthamstow Poly 1971. Steve Marriott spat in the air and then walked under it.
36. Crowded House farewell at Sydney Opera House.
37. Took 17 year old son to see Bob Dylan at Wembley. "He'll be crap," I said. "He was crap," he said.
38. Louis Armstrong at Batley Variety Club in 1967.
39. The Decemberists at Shepherd's Bush Empire a few years ago.
40. The Rolling Stones at the 100 Club. They were rubbish.
41. Britney Spears sound check at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party in 1998.
42. Status Quo at Reading in 1977.
43. Michael Jackson at Madison Square Garden in 1986. I was in the same hotel as Bubbles.
44. Live Aid.
45. Culture Club at the Dominion Theatre in 1983.
46. Boz Scaggs with his blues band at the Jazz Cafe ten years ago.
47. David Bowie on the "Station To Station" tour at Wembley. The longest, dullest drum solo in history.
48. The Grateful Dead at Wembley twenty years ago. Even duller drum solo.
49. Neil Young at Hammersmith Odeon when he played solo in front of bare brickwork.
50. Toumani Diabate played for me in his back garden in Bamako, Mali in 2007.


  1. Cool list, no Buddy Holly?

  2. Without bothering to check, I think Status Quo at Reading was 1978 and led Zep Knebworth was 1979 (I was also at them, amongst others).

  3. Anonymous8:44 am

    1. Rory Gallagher -Wolverhampton Civic
    2. Rick Wakeman - Stoke -Caper tastic, went backstage and me the man
    3. Genesis -Stafford New Bingly Hall
    4. The Who -Stafford New Bingly Hall first tour after keith died
    5. Cambridge Folk Featival -The year Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee player, wish I still had the poster
    6. Fairport Convention -Cropready the first one
    7. Hawkwind - Wolverhapton Civic Hall
    8. Yes - Stafford New Bingly Hall
    9. Led Zeppelin - Knebworth the first one with Todd Rundgren
    10. John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett -Stafford Poly
    11.Camel -Birmingham Odeon
    12. Steve Hillage -Wolverthapton Civic Hall
    13. AC/DC -Wolverthapton Civic Hall Dirty Deeds Tour
    14. Mike Oldfield -NEC yawn
    15.Waterboys - necastle Mayfair
    16.The Ramones -Newcastle Mayfair
    17.The Long Ryders -Newcastle Mayfair
    18. REM -Newcastle Mayfair
    19. Bruce Springsteen - NUFC Born In The USA to if recall correctly
    20. Judie Tzuke -Newcastle City Hall
    21 Lindisfarne -Newcastle City Hall Xmas Gig
    22.Bryan Adams -Newcastle City Hall -went to try and impress girlfriend, ending up having a top night!Hard to believe post everything I do!
    23. Gary Numan-Newcastle City Hall -went to see OMD supporting
    24. Elvis Costello -Manchester Apollo - King Of America Tour with the spinning song wheel thingy
    25.Wings at Birmingham with my brother , Speed Of Sound Tour halfway phew
    26. Little Village - Dominion Thatre sat behind one Mr David Hepworth
    27. Van Morrison - HMV conference - NEC -he was on fine form! Audience number 100!
    28. Black Crowes -Sheffield City Hall
    29. Lenny Kravitz -SHeffield Arena -first gig I ever walked out of
    30. Aerosmith -Sheffield Arena -went to a meet and greet before the gig,acidentally walked into the band's Dressing roon as they were getting changes
    31.Ice T -Sheffield Leadmill
    32. Rip Rig And Panic -Sheffield Leadmill - What a night that was
    33.Husker DU - Newcastle Riverside -loud and wonderful
    34. Microdisney -Newcastle Riverside
    35. Jeff Buckley - Leeds Varities
    36. Steely Dan - NEC first of their comeback gigs
    37. XTC - Birmingham Odeon
    38. Julian Cope -Sheffield Leadmill
    39. Wonderstuff -Newcastle Riverside before the first album I think
    40. Peter Gabriel - Secret World Tour Sheffield Arena
    41. Radiohead -Sheffield Poly, my mates band were supporting -150 people
    42. INXS -Sheffield Poly latter day tour for Hutchance
    43. Pearl Jam -Wellington NZ my first gig after emigrating
    44. Barenaked Ladies - Auckland Powerstation
    45. Bob Dylan - Auckland Civic Theare -I was 20 yeards away from the man
    46. Mansun- Leeds on their last tour before disbanding
    47. Crowded House - Leigh Sawmill Cafe -last year Neil Finn and co testing out new songs -150 people
    48. Lloyd Cole - Aucklands Kings Arms
    49. Coldplay - Auckland Vector Arena
    50. Paul Kelly -Auckland Montecrisdto Rooms - the last gig I went to, two weeks ago!
    Steve Cadman

  4. You only need Elvis or The Beatles and it's the dream list

  5. Ok, here's mine

  6. many more followed this up at :

  7. Ha! Elton John at Wembley 1975 - you must have seen Stackridge, the first act onstage. Sadly I did not but have a programme.

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  9. Dear David, hope you don't mind but I've 'borrowed' your idea. John