Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Once every ten years I put away all my records and feel a rare sensation of peace


  1. All those blue spines made me think you had about a hundred copies of 'The River'

  2. Oh my.

    I feel so inadequate.

  3. Are there others not pictured loaners, in storage etc...

    Is the Head, Hands & feet 'Tracks' tucked in there? Goes for a healthy price now. I snipped 'Warming Up The Band' for a fiver on the 'bay recently but can't find 'Tracks' anywhere

  4. Anonymous9:56 pm

    If there's one thing I regret in my life it's selling all my vinyl.


  5. John,
    I find your bald confession strangely moving.
    Planet Mondo,
    Yes, I do have "Tracks". And yes, I do have a few more. The picture goes round the corner. I have a lot of vinyl but nothing like as many as people who really have *a lot of vinyl*.
    I don't think there's any more blue than any other colour.

  6. Probably, the blue spines just caught my eye.

    I only sold part of my record collection about 10 years ago but even losing about a 1/3 of it still hurts. You tell yourself "oh I'll never play that one again" but the day will come when you want to.

  7. ed vine10:21 am

    I believe that John Peel's vinyl collection required structural mods to their house to stop it coming down from the attic room, and wasn't there a woeful tale connecting whispering Bob, his vast record collection, Bruno Brookes and a mortgage?


  8. Paul K10:56 am

    Ah yes - interesting discussion on this and other DJ record collection stories at (yes, it is an odd address, but trust me...)

    Includes the story that Dave Lee Travis had NO records in his home, and when asked why, replied along the lines of "Well, you wouldn't expect a car mechanic's home to be full of car parts"!!

  9. Paul K (again)11:25 am

    And on another note - surely what we all want to know is how exactly your records are arranged. By genre? Alphabetically regardless of genre? (I still recall with a touch of pride the section of my own vinyl which ran Sex Pistols, Shostakovich, Soft Machine)

  10. I'm jealous, but inspired!