Saturday, June 06, 2009

A vinyl weekend

When records were rare and precious and the concept of replacing them utterly foreign, every scratch, every cigarette burn on a cover, every mark that the spindle made on the label (above) was like a dagger to the heart. Now that any record can be replaced with a few clicks, it does the heart good to see each ancient bruise.


  1. Spindle marks - the first quality check for collectors.

    The clicks and pops on my parents Sinatra albums, were as soothing as a fireside crackle

  2. Sorry. Can't change it. Already been played. Singles ground floor, tapes upstairs. Who's next?

  3. I still get surprised when I hear a CD/MP3/Radio broadcast of a song I have on vinyl and it doesn't click or crackle in the right places. Much as I like the convenience of other formats, there's just something about that warm hum from the stylus.

  4. Long live vinyl!