Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let us now praise Another Nickel In The Machine

Jude Rogers, fellow member of the Society For Mooching Around Old London Pubs With Literary Associations, sent me a link to Another Nickel In The Machine, one of the best blogs I've seen in ages. It combines three of my favourite things - London, history and serendipity - in one endlessly browsable package. I've just been looking at the piece about Errol Flynn and his 15-year-old girlfriend Beverly Aadland at the Lido Club in Swallow Street. It also shows you the house in Castelnau in Barnes where he went to school and a YouTube clip of him on a panel game with Neil Young's father. How could anyone resist?


  1. One of my favourite blogs. The work gone into it, the pictures, just blow me away.

  2. PFacto2:29 pm

    I saw it for the first time this week when the Word weekly email arrived. Fantastic! One of my favourite things in Word Magazine is the use of old photos and even the 80s qualify these days, especially when printed in B&W!

  3. Flynn fans may be interested in 'Cuban Rebel Girls'(1958). Beverley has a leading role.

  4. Thank you David, for the unbelievably kind words. It really means a lot. Comments like yours keeps me going, but saying that, I do have so much fun writing the blog. I hope it comes over.