Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Please Mr Postman

One of my very favourite things is seeing a new issue of a magazine I subscribe to on my doormat. I start the day in an altogether better frame of mind. If you'd like to experience similar magazine-shaped happiness and get a gift as well, then allow me to direct you here.


  1. Anonymous11:51 am

    You have a postman that delivers in the morning! A couple of times recently I've got home around 5 to find no post there, only to see the postie turning up around half an hour or so later.

  2. So true. I have recently subscribed to the new children's comic "The DFC" for my 11 and 12 year olds. They really look forward to the Friday visit from the postman now (at whatever time).

    As for the DFC itself, they have filled a real gap in the market between the Beano and teenage magazines - I hope they thrive.

  3. Anonymous1:01 pm

    As a Juanito Foreigner, I pay 60% over the odds for my Word subscription. Fair enough, I suppose (although, ahem, I only pay an extra 30% for shipping charges when I order stuff from Amazon). But the August issue of your, er, august organ started plopping on UK subscribers' doormats at least 10 days ago now, yet my own felpudo is still conspicuously bare.

    Qué gives, Mr H? Is this normal service for us colonials? (My Amazon deliveries take five days, tops.)

  4. We are always looking at this and there is no way we can improve it at the moment. If it's any comfort we're not making any more money out of an overseas sub than we do out of a UK one. I imagine my copy of Wired arrived a couple of weeks after it was available in the US. As for Amazon, I imagine they have slightly more bargaining power with the postal services than we do.

  5. Blackacre: what's this new comic like are the stories good and does it have good drawing? Most kids comics I buy for my nephews seem to be garish wrapping paper for rubbish plastic toys.

  6. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Dave. They may have "slightly more bargaining power", but can you see Amazon inviting Johnny Postman to the VIP area of Cropredy for a pint of something warm and cloudy in the company of yourself and Mr Ellen?

    We just need to get the pitch right. I'll get one of my team to knock up a powerpoint and come back to you before stumps.

  7. Anonymous2:23 pm

    I, like Archie, am still awaiting the happy plop of Word Magazine on my doorstep.

    At this stage the postman greets me every lunchtime with the words

    '...don't even ask'

  8. Anonymous2:36 pm

    A humble retraction. Within minutes of hitting Send, I heard a soft plop on the doormat. Ah, yes. Worded up at last.

  9. BL - there's a review of DFC here

  10. I buy my copy at Barnes & Noble in Arlington VA. For some reason it is always exactly one month behind - I know it's time to pop over to the shops to pick up my copy as soon as the new one is announced.
    Hence, just picked up the John Martyn cover.
    Thankfully, after all this time of it only being available at that one branch in the entire DC metro area (and usually only one or two copies), it's starting to turn up in all the big Borders etc.

    American magazine market domination plan continues.

  11. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Yes, I'm finding it turning up in more stores in Houston, TX.

  12. Anonymous9:37 pm

    All this talk of things plopping onto the doormat is conjuring up the wrong sort of image for me.

    And one, Mister H, which I'm sure you would not want associated with your esteemed organ. Or you magazine. fnaar.

  13. bltp, the drawings in the DFC are excellent and the whole package is high quality. It is subscription only with no adverts (except for itself) and no stupid plastic gifts. My children say that some stories are better than others, but overall they are very keen.

  14. I had a double delivery the other day The WORD & ISIS.

    Happy Days!