Thursday, July 03, 2008

"And the winner isn't"

This clip of Welsh Culture Minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas reading out the name of the wrong winner at the Wales Book Of The Year makes you wonder various things:
1. So there's a prize for the best English language book in Wales then?
2. If you're ever called upon to open an envelope at a ceremony it's best to know the contents first.
3. Thanks to You Tube an evening's embarrassment now becomes a lifetime of agony.

It's not that rare an occurence. Twenty years ago I was at a magazine awards ceremony where the celebrity prize giver Dame Edna Everage did the same thing. She named the wrong Editor of the Year. He was halfway to the stage when he had to be stopped with an apology. Then the real winner's name was read out and he went up to collect his (suddenly undeserved) award. The third person on the short list, my colleague Barry McIlheney, was not mentioned at all. We agreed he had dodged a bullet.


  1. Anonymous10:33 am

    The trophy looks like it was knocked up in someone's shed

  2. Anonymous12:04 pm

    How do you say 'what a dick' in Welsh? Anyone?