Sunday, April 15, 2007

When We Were Very Very Young

Blessed are they who can bring a little happiness via the Internet. I used to work for Beserkley records in the late 70s. We had very few acts: Jonathan Richman, Greg Kihn, the Rubinoos etc. Anyway I spent a lot of time driving Greg and his band round to various TV shows. Nearly thirty years later somebody posts this clip of him doing Springsteen's "For You" on a German TV show and I'm able to send him the link. He replies: "I hadn't seen it! What a kick! It's not bad, isit? Gawd, was I young! Were we ever that young?" How good must that feel? BTW Greg's now a morning DJ in San Jose and doing very nicely thank you.


  1. I saw Greg singing For you on the Whistle Test (I think). Just the once, and 30 years later I'm still humming it. Never heard the original. That is talent.
    The Rubinoos did the best version of I think we're alone now.
    Not many acts, but they all seem to have been great.

  2. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Would imagine that a mention of Fred & Knocker, old Bentleys and possibly the Red Cow would be meaningful in all sorts of ways, then?

    Saw a Beserkley complilation for £2.99 in the local newsagent's box of cheapo comps last month. Stood out like a sore thumb amongst Jim Reeves,etc.

    Almost bought it, but still have the vinyl.

    Personally, always liked 'Hurt So Bad' myself.

  3. Saw Knocker only the other day. Haven't clapped eyes on Fred for thirty years, nor his Bentley.

  4. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Last seen by me mid - 80's. Believed he was starting a roofing venture with someone from the pub. Unsure if the Bentley was involved in transportation of tiles and battens, though. Doubt it.