Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving the air around

The first Word Weekly Podcast is available now. Mark and I love doing these but it's just hard to find the time. However, thanks to the prompting of Matt Hall and the very kind comments of a bunch of regular listeners, we're resolved to start putting one out every week starting right now. Click here to subscribe for nothing at iTunes or try here for xml feed. Or you can copy the XML link above (right-click copy on the link) and paste it into the iTunes dialogue box under "Advanced - Subscribe to Podcast..."


  1. good news on the podcast unfortunately they are still not passing the jubillee line test ie still a bit quiet. but good stuff non the less

  2. I'll agree with bltp that its quite quiet. I had to have the speakers turned up to full blast on my PC to hear it, however it was very funny.

    I'm glad they're going weekly as you are an engaging bunch to listen to and I always end up laughing out loud.