Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Seems like a nice girl

We´re away in Madrid for a few days. Just come back from the Prado. I agree with Alan Bennett about Art being "all very well but very hard on the feet." The secret is to target a few paintings and get in and out with the minimum of fatigue. Brought up short by Moro´s portrait of Mary Tudor, who was, I suppose, Queen of Spain too. She looks like the kind of person who could happily burn heretics. Then again, so could her sister.


  1. I found the Prado the brownest gallery I've ever visited, in the same way that JFK was the brownest film I've ever seen.

    If you can, go and see the Valley of the Fallen, just outside Madrid. One of the most gobsmacking sights I've ever visited, even though, being partly the tomb of Franco, politically incorrect.

  2. There are harder looking women on The Apprentice, mind.