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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BBC News expunges last traces of prejudice from our world. Greed believed to be next

Three items in a row on the BBC News just now. The first is about the Prince of Wales having to deny he is a "racist" because of something he once called an associate. The second was about football fans being in the dock for "racist and homophobic abuse" shouted in the direction of Sol Campbell. The third - this is in a row - is about the controversy over somebody publishing replica versions of 1930s newspapers in Germany, complete with Nazi propaganda.


  1. Did they say if the paper being republished is the 'Post am Sonntag' or the 'Die Post täglich'?

  2. I even heard Suggs going on about it. It's Madness gone Politically Correct!

  3. Off topic was the Steely Dan song Rikki Don't Lose That Dumber?

    Shaaaaboom Tish

  4. A version of the gag that doesn't need knowledge of the Nutty Boys:

    "Have you noticed that 'Loony Bins' are now called 'Mental Health Institutions'? - its madness gone politically correct!"
    Armando Ianucci 06

  5. Didn't we go through all this in the 1980s with the Daily Mail printing (usually untrue) stories about Red Ken and those loony lefties (sorry, mentally-challenged Socialists) at the GLC banning the use of the phrase "black bag"?

    Only now they all seem to be saying that this is a *good* thing.

  6. i think being nice to people and not insulting them and thinking about what we saying is good thing. This doesn't mean we have to censorship. Most of the people who complain about political correctness have never been on the end of prolong racist or homophobic etc abuse and simply complaining because the first time in their lives they have to think before speaking.
    Isn't alot of this do unto others as you would have done to yourself.

  7. I think the BBC News has a duty to report events at home and abroad according to their relative importance. That wasn't happening here. This was the polytechnic equivalent of the skateboarding duck. And who mentioned political correctness?