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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Will this do?"

We all know fashion magazines are not like life but would it kill the people that work on them to make it clear to the readers from time to time that they recognise what a farce it is and they're actually on their side and not the PRs?
The cover of this week's edition of Grazia proclaims "Kate Moss talks to Grazia".
Now clearly she didn't say anything of consequence because that would have been splashed all over the cover but even low expectation readers like myself were surprised by how little was lurking under the slug "Grazia world exclusive" inside - to wit, three pages of product shots of the new Top Shop range with comments on each item below that purported to come from Kate. Now it could be that when Kate opens her mouth such pearls as "it's such a pretty top. Its kaftan feel and fluid silk gives it a beachy feel" pop straight out. Or it could be this was written by a PR, retyped by a hackette and then flung in the general direction of what they clearly believe is a fairly undiscerning public by people who really should know better.