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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Man about town

Last night the Word's crack quiz team came a creditable joint third in Time Out's London quiz. Highlights included Mark Ellen attempting to work out on a piece of paper how many journeys began and ended at Victoria in an average year and Andrew Collins trying to remember the name of the character who was written out of EastEnders but suffered the indignity of seeing his dog remain.
It took place in a bar at the University of London Union. Glad to see they're doing their bit in the battle against binge drinking. Three pints of Guinness and two of lager cost £11.10 and they were doing shots of Drambuie for a pound. Which is nice.
BTW It's very nice of Clive James to say something flattering about my piece on The Wire though he reckons the white out of black design of this blog makes it hard to read. Normally I'm very careful about this kind of thing but I've never had any trouble dealing with it. Anyone else reaching for the pince-nez?