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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Holding Macca's Coat

In 1989, in the course of putting together the official programme for Paul McCartney's world tour, I said to him 'it would be great to photograph some memorabilia, if you have any.'
Oh yes, he had memorabilia. He arranged for me to spend the morning going through a warehouse full of stuff in the East End. It was an astonishing archive. He had the keys to every city in the USA, innumerable gold and silver discs, vituperative letters from John and cosier ones from his bank manager back in Liverpool ("I'm pleased to confirm that the check from EMI has cleared satisfactorily"), old instruments and stage costumes, including the jacket he wore on the cover of Sgt Pepper. The name "Paul" was inscribed under the Berman and Nathan label.
We got permission to photograph some of it, including the jacket, and of course, you couldn't let a chance like that go by...