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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The inevitable Amy Winehouse post

Yesterday the media went back to work after its summer break. By lunchtime my phone was ringing off the hook with broadcasters wanting a comment on the Amy Winehouse situation. I sat in the BBC radio car in an Islington side street pontificating on "PM" about whether it was the record company's responsibility or not. It's not at the moment but it will be when she comes to make another record. Strikes me that the key problem Amy Winehouse has got - her and every other stage school brat - is that she's addicted to attention, the one commodity that 24 hour media is happy to provide. I watched her at close quarters at the BRITS. She wore three different dresses in ninety minutes. One to arrive in, one to walk through the audience in and a third to sing in. She was like the gauche girl who suddenly found herself at the centre of attention and didn't quite know how to handle it.