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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Way They Were

"Last Orders" the movie is, if anything, better than "Last Orders" the book. For a start you can keep track of the characters. It's interesting for anyone studying good looks. Whereas Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins and Tom Courtenay never traded much on their looks, David Hemmings had the blazing eyes back in the ’60s when he played Nolan in "The Charge Of The Light Brigade".
These days he looks like a man who's recently woken after a thirty year party.
There's a lot of flashback in "Last Orders". Nolan Hemmings, who is named after his father's character, plays Lenny as a young man. The young Helen Mirren is played by Kelly Reilly, who is photographed in such a way that she is actually distractingly beautiful. Helen Mirren is a powerfully attractive woman but you can't buy the idea that at the age of 19 she looked like this.