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Sunday, June 03, 2007

All Together Now

Went to a preview of the Bruce Springsteen Live In Dublin DVD in order to see it on a big screen. It's an odd thing watching anything like this in a theatre. A few people tried to get a bit of audience reaction going. They do the lowing noise and you're not sure whether they're being satirical or not. Nor are they in all probability.
The performance is great and it's good to have some kind of record of just how exceptional these shows were but you despair at how formulaic concert films have become. And this one has made some kind of curious executive decision not to show you the audience until the last number, at which point they look as if they've been cut in as an afterthought. When I saw this show at Wembley I was up on the side and at least half of the value of the experience came from looking at the way the audience were embracing it all. He always says that he wants shows to be part-dance, part-hootenanny, part-gospel show, part political meeting. This one was, so why wouldn't you reflect that? You wouldn't cover a church service by keeping your camera on the preacher, would you?