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Monday, April 09, 2007

Now you don't really mean that

The newspapers are full of examples of people either saying what they don't mean or not thinking about what they're saying. It's difficult to know which is worse.
Below is the statement put out by the Radio Two press office to explain the deeply uncalled-for idea of getting Noel Gallagher and a load of rock's other hod carriers to cover Sergeant Pepper track by track.
Lesley Douglas, the Radio 2 controller, said: “This will be not only a unique radio event but also a very special musical moment."
That "not only but also" formulation is presumably press office talk for "is this long enough yet?"
The range and quality of artists involved ensure that this will be a fitting tribute to one of the great albums of all time.”

James Morrison? The Kaiser Chiefs? Razorlight? Who would have to have been on this album for it not to be a fitting tribute?
And if you want to get the measure of this piece of fluff think who would have been on it if they'd done it on the twentieth anniversary. Swing Out Sister? Curiosity Killed The Cat? Living In A Box? Very probably.