Friday, February 27, 2015

In praise of Bluetooth headphones

It was Johnnie Walker who got me interested in Bluetooth headphones. I bought the same Sony MDR-10RBT model as he did and I'm pretty pleased with them.

I have to listen to a lot of radio previews in a week to write about them for The Guardian. I can pair these headphones with phone, tablet, laptop or iMac and can then wander fairly freely while still listening closely. The signal starts to break up if you move too far away from the source but within reason the connection works very well.

If you've got them paired with your phone and you get a call while listening you can press a button on one headphone and immediately you're through. Not sure I'd use them if I was working in an office (might feel too much like a minicab driver) but at home they do the job.


  1. A much cheaper pair of Bluetooth headphones (Sony DR-BTN200M) did the same job for me. I acquired an audiobook habit while long-distance commuting and missed it when I moved close to the office last year.
    So now I listen while performing mundane chores around the home and easily manage an hour or two a day, which is about the same as when I was driving. You can follow a plot much more easily than if you had speakers turned up loud throughout the house.

  2. Brain H-

    Many thanks!

    David H-

    Could electronic popular music said have started with the noise at the beginning of I Feel Fine, 1964 or 5? Big-head here turned to his mate at St Mark's School of Texas (Steve Miller and poss Boz Scaggs also attended) and said "That's wht they are going to be doing in the future."

    keep up the acerbity!

    William Milne