Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There's nobody as star-struck as a star

Intrigued by The Bling Ring, a new film based on the case of the star-struck Californian kids who burgled the Hollywood homes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and others, making away with designer clothes and jewellery.

Although the victims felt as invaded as any of us would, certainly according to their original grand jury testimony reproduced in the Daily Beast, that didn't stop some of them taking part in the film. Paris even let them film in her house. Attention's attention after all and the fact that these people chose to burgle your house rather than your neighbours must give you additional cachet in the members-only clubs of Hollywood.

You can see why the film was made - rich kids burgle the cool apartments of rich and famous kids - and you can also see how the people who made it will justify it to Jonathan Ross's sofa - exposé of the hollowness of celebrity culture etc.

It stars Emma Watson, the face of Lancome, and is directed by Sofia Coppola, formerly the face of Marc Jacobs. Young movie people are so beholden to the luxury brands who subsidise them that any moralising about "celebrity culture" ought to embarrass them. The opportunity to pretend to be the people who dream of being them is the ultimate confirmation of their own place at the top of the mountain.

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  1. I have to wonder how bad being burglurized (dread word) has to be before the likes of Hilton refuse to sprinkle themselves with its glamour.

    Despite my wish to see that insouciant smug smile wiped from her face I hope truly it isn't because she is the victim of something more aggravated and not the high jinks she takes burglary to be.