Friday, June 14, 2013

I think I'm blogged out

I've been doing this since 2007, which means that sometimes when I'm writing in it I stop and think 'hang on - haven't I written this before?'

Prompted by Spielberg's admission in an interview that Lincoln was almost on HBO I was going to write something arguing that it would have been better that way. Then I realised I already had done.

With Father's Day coming up I felt moved to argue that people should stop patronising Dad, before I realised I already had done.

Then I was suddenly excited about the fact that we'll have been in our house twenty-five years this weekend, something that seemed worth marking. Of course I did that when we'd been here a mere twenty-one years.

I think I'm blogged out.


  1. I hope you aren't thinking of giving up.

  2. I followed the link to your piece on being in the house 21 years and found I'd commented on it. I'm in danger of repeating comments on your repeated blogs. Aaargh!

  3. Still a regular source of (free) entertainment so please don't stop!

  4. Take time out David.

    Your blog is often funny, thought provoking and always entertaining. I would be really disappointed if this was a hint that you were jacking it in.

  5. Anonymous12:24 pm

    History repeating itself as tragedy then farce? Not quite on that level: it just proves you're right (Spielberg) or that the world hasn't changed for the better (fatherhood).

    Difficult as it may feel to stay fresh, don't stop considering it. Your column was always the first thing I turned to in The Word – after ridding the room of spouse, children and pets – and, having only found this blog relatively recently, I'm now thoroughly enjoying rifling through your back (web)pages. Long may they fill.

  6. 'Blogged-up', surely David?

    You can't stop now - I only subscribed a fortnight ago (remember, it's not a cliché if you've never seen it before).

  7. I know the feeling. I recently abandoned mine for the same reason. Once one starts to repeat oneself it's time to say goodbye.

    Thanks for keeping us entertained though.

  8. Sorry to disappoint but I'm not planning to jack it in. Not actually planning anything at all. This was just an underhand way of drawing old but still pertinent posts to people's attention.

  9. David, I've only recently taken my Word black armband off, not sure if I can handle another media death so soon. I'm sure your fatigue is not driven by lack of payment for your efforts, although being paid for thinking and writing is what you've been doing for, I guess, 99% of your working life. So if we can 'monetize' your blog for you - count me in. Like the previous comment - after reading Mark's intro your column was my first point of call in Word (the magazine). Your blog is exactly as the Campaign quote says it is - so please carry on.