Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Amazon Economics - a dummy speaks

Everybody uses Amazon and thinks it's brilliant because it's so cheap..

Everybody criticises Amazon for not paying its proper share of taxation.

I'm no economist but hear me out.

Maybe one of the reasons they're cheap is because they don't pay their proper share of taxation.


  1. But Amazon is not paying its fair share of corporation tax, as calculated as a percentage of their profits?

  2. Hammer, nail, head.

  3. But cheapness isn't Amazon's only strength. It's good excellent search. Its recommendations system often does a good job. Wishlists are genuinely useful. It usually has stock, and even the free "supersaver" delivery is pretty fast.

    I'm trying to use alternatives, due to the tax thing. But the problem is that the alternatives just aren't as good.

  4. That may be John.

    However, they still don't pay their taxes and even get the public to do their work for them review wise.

    Business Rates on Warehouse space is far cheaper than Retail. Generally where they site, they've had a deal because of the employment they provide.

    Tax wise it's legal, morally bankrupt.

    Amazon for ten years have let shops stock the books and people browsed and then bought from Amazon.

    The books didn't sell well, so were not restocked and then it was the shop's fault it didn't have range.

    Businesses in any country, should pay tax on the profits made in that country.

    The argument that they pay NI isn't an argument at all, everyone does.

  5. Or possibly it's not true that "everybody" thinks Amazon is brilliant and that "everybody" thinks Amazon should pay more tax; that those declaring these contradictory views are, in fact, different sets of people.