Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Oh, Miss Smith, you're brilliant!"

Reviewing the musical of "Legally Blonde" on Front Row tonight, the talk is of the plot twist where an airheaded blonde, in pursuit of her man, turns out to have a first-class legal mind.

I can't decide whether this kind of dramatic transformation is of a higher order than the transformations that used to take place in movies of the 50s where severe-looking lawyers in glasses were encouraged to release the airheaded blonde inside.

One seems pretty much as preposterous as the other.


  1. Not really. But it can also be true - one of my friends is both a pink clad fluffy blonde obsessed with High School Musical (in her 30s) and a top notch lawyer with a first from Cambridge. Makes us see Legally Blonde quite differently.

  2. She's not airheaded in the musical – she likes fluff and silliness, but she's bright. Premise is ridiculous, of course, but that's storytelling for you. Saw the musical the other night, as well, and was amazed that I bloody adored it. Sheridan Smith has Bet Lynch written through her like a stick of rock.