Friday, January 01, 2010

Amazing Grace

In the new edition of The New Yorker my favourite film writer, Anthony Lane, writes about my favourite film star, Grace Kelly. In the course of it he reflects on the ability of great movie stars to transfix us by doing everyday things with extraordinary grace. It was apparently his mother who pointed out how, in the course of one song in "High Society", Bing Crosby smokes, brushes his jacket, arranges his pocket handkerchief and, most amazingly for those who've tried it, manages to tie a bow tie - all of it without the assistance of a single cut. It's here.

1 comment:

  1. The secret to tying a bow tie in the first attempt is, apparently, to close your eyes and imagine you are tying your shoe laces. I tried it on the one occassion I was required to wear a bow tie and it did seem to work, though I was getting odd looks from other party guests for the duration of the evening!

    I like the way blokes conduct themselves in those old Hollywood films. I particularly like the Hitchcock films, where people like Cary Grant just seem to be immaculate whatever the occassion. I wish today's society could be more like it!