Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't Look Now

After an appointment in Primrose Hill I returned to Islington via the towpath of the canal. With the sun shining every prospect pleases and only the cyclists who come tearing up behind you are vile, especially when there's no barrier to stop you falling into the black water if you edge the wrong way. At Camden Lock three police divers were getting ready to descend into its Stygian depths in search of what? Somebody who staggered one step too far? A gun?

What a job.


  1. My office overlooks the canal at that very point. We were told that the police were looking for a man who went missing late last Friday night. he was seen on our buildng's CCTV walking up the canal at that very spot, and has not been seen since.

    There's always something going on here in Camden.

  2. I assume that would not be you running down the canalside then.

  3. I wonder if this story of a missing man is the reason for the police divers.

    All a bit sad really.

  4. That area of Camden is delightful. Drug dealing, purple lights under the bridge so junkies can't see their veins to inject themselves, and people occasionally being pushed into the canal 'for a laugh'. It's a shame, because as you say, it really is pretty, especially on a lovely sunny afternoon.

  5. looks like adam bowie was right sadly