Friday, November 27, 2009

The difference between writing and typing

"There's a feeling of power in reserve, a power that drives right through the bone, like the shiver you sense in the shaft of an axe when you take it into your hand. You can strike, or you can not strike, and if you choose to hold back the blow, you can still feel inside you the resonance of the omitted thing."

From Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.


  1. Hilary Mantel on reading newspapers:
    'When it comes to the national press, I can make any paper last two hours, and when I've finished it's not fit for another hand; it looks as if a drunk has been making paper hats with it.'

  2. Paul K4:45 pm

    Would have been worth £25... :)

  3. I've mentioned this before on Twitter, but I hope it bears repeating.
    When Danny Baker started to make a name for himself as an innovative and comedic writer at the NME, his Dad said to him, "How's the typing going son?"