Thursday, July 16, 2009

A portrait of the artist

I went to the first day of the Lord's Test today and found myself in a small section with this beautiful view. It was to the side of a balcony on which the photographers with long lenses perch, lining up ball after ball in the hope of getting the one that tells a story. And alongside them in their eyrie was cricket painter Jocelyn Galsworthy who spent the day dabbing away at a canvas. Seems a pleasant way to make a living.


  1. I think you may have had the best of the weather.

    I'm going tomorrow and can't wait but I have a feeling that Jocelyn may be wearing her pacamac and using a little more grey when painting the sky.

  2. Cricket,... is that the game they play with a canoe paddle and billiard balls ?

  3. SteveF2:26 pm

    So did the MCC security gestapo actually let you take a proper camera in, or have you used a phone-camera for your pics? Very good quality, either way!

  4. I've never had the slightest problem taking a camera into Lord's. Don't think anyone else does either, do they?

  5. SteveF5:08 pm

    As I understood it from the little book of law that usually arrives with the tickets, one is not - strictly speaking - supposed to take photos inside the ground without 'their' permission! But let's face it, the main reason they're searching the bags is to make sure people don't bring in enough booze to get through the day without having to spend cash at their bars. Hope you enjoyed the usual half-arsed England performance, anyway...