Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An Art critic writes

The problem with the whole fourth plinth business is that plinths are traditionally occupied by larger-than-life figures. Once you plonk an actual human being on a plinth - even one dressed as a fish - he all but disappears.


  1. Is Nelson dressed as a fish?

  2. I thought that was the point the change in scale directing the view away from the macro to micro to change the paradigm and to throw it all back at the "viewer" .....oh and hour is long time if half of london is gawping at you.

  3. Which is why "Ecce Homo" in the Square ten years ago was so effective: the contrast between a life-size Jesus and hero-sized imperial warriors said everything that needed to be said

  4. Radical new business model:
    1) If you want stuff, pay for it.
    2) In order to get the money to pay for stuff that you want do something that people are genuinely prepared to pay you for.

    It’s amazing the extent to which these rules don’t currently apply.