Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm sure this says something profound about the media but I don't know exactly what

The lead story on the Mail's website today credits The Sun.


  1. it says you don't need to read The Sun as anything good will be on The Mail too.

  2. It's not the snappiest headline in Grub Street history either, is it? The Sun managed it with just two words and a number.

  3. Thinking about it more - it's all about the comments.

    Having the story on the Daily Mail is essential for several hundred comments it will generate.

    News is now a headline and some comments.

    Sites like Digg have known this for years and now even The Mail are catching up.

  4. What about prominent story on the Mail's website lifted wholesale from recent edition of monthly music magazine without acknowledgement? I'll leave you to guess which it is readers