Saturday, February 28, 2009

Did anybody ever drink like they do in TV drama?

Watching the BBC's "Margaret" makes we wonder how come I've never been in a work context of any kind where somebody's said "you need a drink" and reached for a bottle of Scotch on a silver tray to pour me three fingers of Glenlivet into a crystal tumbler. Is this a dramatic device based on something that people used to do or is it, like people marching down a corridor pursued by aides answering questions, something that began life as a device and has now turned into something we think we should be doing as well?


  1. DH: have you never worked in print office where some old hack pulled back his desk file draw and pulls out a pint of Bells?

  2. Another totally unrealistic piece of drinking regularly seen (usually in the Rover's Return or the Queen Vic) is a bloke who takes a couple of swigs of beer, exchanges a few words with someone and says, "Must be going", and leaves an unfinished pint on the bar.

  3. Not that it could be classified as 'drama' as such but as teenagers our favourite game was "Drink-along-a-Dallas. Yes that's right - everytime a Ewing had a drink we would too. As you can imagine - we got drunk rather quickly due to the fact a drink was consumed almost minute to minute. Amazing. The Ewings - shocking family. Such bad role models.