Friday, January 23, 2009

What happened to grime played through a hearing aid?

I don't want to tempt providence but I wonder what happened to that plague of young blokes playing music on their phones in public places that everybody was complaining about not long ago. What stuck in the craw was not so much the annoyance. It was the fact that so much annoyance was being caused in the name of so little pleasure. Anybody who could listen to music in those conditions didn't love the music so much as they loved irritating people. I haven't noticed it for the last couple of months. Am I alone?


  1. No, they're still around. They've just all moved to my glorious hometown of sunny Basildon!

  2. As I am exceptionally pompous, I try to avoid public transport at all costs.
    However, I believe the phenomena can still be 'enjoyed' when a group of schoolchildren have finished their scholarly endeavours for the day (usually about 1.30pm).
    Then as they board one of London's delightful underground trains - gadzooks, here we go, Lady Gaga sounding like a bee trapped in an empty Pepsi can. Sometimes one may have to strain the ears to listen through the hubbub and melee caused by twenty thirteen year olds charging up and down the carriage, jumping on the seats, and screeching, "Hey Janine, got any fags?" as loud as their lungs will permit.

  3. How embarrassing. After shelling out a lot of money on a pair of Bose headphones, I only discovered they were faulty when a kindly old lady jabbed me in the ribs on the way home last week to complain about the aural pollution....