Thursday, January 29, 2009

This just in - humanity still some way from perfection

In the course of a column in The Guardian about making absent fathers pay child support, Polly Toynbee writes:
The world is full of good men and good fathers - there just aren't enough of them to go round.
I haven't been able to concentrate since reading this. If there aren't enough good men to go around then it surely follows that there can't be enough good women to go round either. Which means there aren't enough good people to go round.

Now there's a column, surely?


  1. This wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong, but I can't see the one thing (claimed lack of good men) being related to the other (claimed lack of good women). Wouldn't it be possible to envisage a world in which all women were good and in which they wrote articles for newspapers about a lack of good men? We could do a Venn diagram, I suppose. I'd be interested to see the bit where 'good men' overlap with 'bad fathers.' And before anyone starts, I don't have kids!

  2. The world is full of good columnists and journalists - there just aren't enough of them at The Guardian.

  3. I agree with Andre - I don't see the logical jump.

  4. Oh, I'm glad it's not just me.

  5. DH: The Toynbee piece is strangely rabid a mix statistics with broad brush generalisations the last paragraph really goes off the rails. Your right she deose assume that all women are good hence the in balance you find so annoying. I tend to not read her and Mr Monbiot they tend to curdle even my museli.