Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weather forecasting and the limitations of graphics

This morning we were in Central London. This afternoon we've been at home. I haven't seen a single cloud all day. Where do the BBC get the weather from?


  1. Hmm I think you'll find that particular icon is the one with the silver lining....what a fabulous day.

  2. I was watching the half marathon in Hyde Park getting sunburnt. Glorious.

    I've seen the BBC claim 'sunny intervals' when it's snowing. They can't even get it right retrospectively.

  3. There's a theory that the BBC weather bods are excessively cautious about giving over-positive forecasts, in the wake of Michael Fish's celebrated "There will be no hurricane in Kent" balls up all those years ago.

  4. And don't get me started on 5 day forecasts...

  5. In the old days the weather was reported from the roof of the Air Ministry on Kingsway.
    Now it comes from Bracknell, so I guess it's more likely the weather in Berkshire.