Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's not quite standing up in a hammock but it can't be an awful lot easier

All news stories leave me wanting one further, usually trivial, piece of information.

The one about the British couple sent to jail for having sex in public in Dubai leads me to wonder: What kind of sun lounger were they allegedly having sexual congress upon?

All the loungers and recliners I've ever had the pleasure of using would not permit any activity more strenuous than lounging or reclining. I can't help but feel that the manufacturer of any chair commodious enough and sufficiently stable to permit the amount of thrusting and undulating traditionally involved in sex should be shouting their product's qualities from the tallest minaret in the locality.


  1. Any news organisation worth its salt would be testing sunbeds to destruction for research purposes. If anyone would like to commission me...

  2. I had this very thought about this story

    it leaves so much out - why on earth did the man agree to let a complete stranger 'help clean up his clothing' in a toilet?' Where did the 'wetness' come from?

  3. Just today on Boing Boing:

    "On Monday, a Buckingham, Quebec man died in a cemetery when a tombstone fell on his back. Apparently, the 77-year-old was digging near his parents grave when the concrete stone crashed down on him. The CBC News article does not explain why he might have been digging."

  4. Well, maybe the sunlounger did give way, and they fell off, and er, the game was up.
    You can tell I don't read the papers can't you.

    However I note with childish glee that the couple are from Oakham (pronounced O-come round here), in RUT-land. Fnarr.

    I'll supply the punchline - I read comics instead.