Monday, June 16, 2008


I don't believe in the principle of "oughtness" when it's applied to music as in "what ought I to be listening to?" Doesn't stop people asking, though. Hence:
The Wire: And All The Pieces Matter
Rachel Unthank and the Winterset: The Bairns
Justin Adams: Soul Science
Orchestra Baobab: Pirates Choice
Mary Gauthier: Genesis
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: Greatest Hits


  1. Completely agree with the Tom Petty album. I came across his stuff a couple of years ago through an old girlfriend and thought it was a wonderful evolution of the kind of music that the Burrito Brothers were putting out in the early 70s!

    Also, I've been listening to 'Magic' by Springsteen a lot recently and think it's the finest album he's made in a while. Caught his show in Cardiff and it was one of the best gigs i've ever seen. All 3 hours of it.

  2. That Rachel Unthank record is absolutely wonderful. EVERYONE should buy it.

  3. I'm completely hooked on James Houston's low-tech version of Radiohead's "Nude", online here:

  4. Much as I dislike a "me too" post, I have to agree with Jude about Rachel Unthank - fantastic.

  5. Blimey. I've only heard of Tom Petty in that list. Mind you, if I bothered to turn the music or radio on once in a while it might help! I really ought to listen to new music!