Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I wrote a piece for the Independent's op-ed page about the Brits. It's appeared today with the headline "David Hepworth: these silly awards are pop's most absurd anachronism". So there.


  1. Anonymous12:31 pm

    ' is too short to decide whether Kate Nash or the Klaxons have had the most seismic impact on our culture...'

    Couldn't agree more.

    As an armchair viewer, the only reason I ever watched was for the likes of Cocker, Brandon Block etc... wilfully burning the script.

    Apart from that, a handful of memorable musical moments made it watchable (Suede were amazing, the duet between PJ Harvey and Bjork was spine-tingling and Pulp doing Es and Wizz also spring to mind).

    Apart from those infrequent moments, it's an indulgent mess.

    An artist who treats these awards as anything meaningful automatically depletes their own credibility supply.

    It felt like Blur changed things when I was an impressionable 16 year old. It was a hollow victory, looking back.

    I'll be watching Arsenal vs AC Milan. Come on Gunners.

  2. If I watch at all, it'll be to see the Ozzy/Sharon car crash.

  3. I've never managed to work out why I'm supposed to be interested in these events. I buy lots of records, I don't much care whether any one else likes them as well (apart from the fact that if nobody else does then the artist won't be able to fund the next one). It's so easy to listen to new music these days why would I want to know what Radio 2 listeners (that could be bothered to vote) think? I understand why people like receiving prizes but I've yet to be given a good explanation why it should matter to me as well.
    File under "The Oscars". Who cares?!

  4. I watched most of it and I can't think of a single dignified moment.

  5. Turns out you were spot on Mr H.

    Little Kylie was the only one to emerge with dignity intact, whilst I never thought I'd feel so sorry for Sharon's son having to stand next to his mum whilst she drooled saliva over young male guests.

  6. Anonymous2:17 pm

    I commend you on your foresight - how did you know that Osbournes were going to be so bad?! ;o)

    What I find sad is that because it's 'rock and roll' they feel the need to try and produce some sort of headlines and scandal.

    Pity they don't just let the music do the talking!

  7. Yes it's all so contrived these days. Even when it's trying to be spontaneous. I'm glad I watched though because I learned about the Brit School. Any good? I might sign my grand children up.