Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paris Hilton: this is her fourth fragrance

Guests on Letterman usually complain they've barely got started when they're interrupted by an ad break.
Paris Hilton must have been praying that something of the sort would deliver her from the host, who turns her slowly on a spit over a low flame on the subject of her jailtime. After about four minutes she manages to summon the nerve to say "that's all behind me now. I don't want to talk about it."
"Well, that's where you and I are different," he says. "That's all I want to talk about..."
Then when she does manage to get on to the subject of the product she has come on to plug it gets even worse for her.


  1. Oh man....that is Letterman on top form.

  2. Anonymous7:36 pm

    "I'll buy you a parakeet" - genius.

  3. On reflection my sensitive side seems to be murmuring something about Ms. Hilton being an easy target.

  4. Sure, she's an easy target, but the ugly mare puts herself in the firing line! I have absolutely no sympathy for this trollop, who has more money than sense. And it's lovely to see someone in the media be nasty to her, as opposed to the usual fawning morons. Release the tiger!


    Enough said