Monday, April 22, 2013

Going round to someone's house to listen to their records while staying at home

We used to go round to people's houses and listen to their records. I sometimes feel a pang that we don't do that anymore but then I remember that it's often an uncomfortable experience and I think better of it.

But last night I discovered that the internet gives you the chance to enjoy the ancient ceremony of the laying of tone arm on vinyl without any of the attendant social discomfort. I discovered, for the first time, that particularly hi-fi aware people have taken to posting clips on YouTube of entire classic long players actually playing all the way through. Rig it up to your sound system and you get the whole experience, pops, clicks, dust bugs and all. It's very restful, particularly when it's an old jazz album like this one.

This guy - and it has to be a guy - has even mixed the clip so that you see the crease marks on the sleeve, the original price sticker, cuttings from reviews and, during Take Five, his cats watching the record going round. It's rather blissful.


  1. Wow, love the attention to detail. When the centre of the record pops up at the start you can still see the record spinning through the hole!


  2. Eames Chair for comfy listening. Nice.

  3. I noticed this a few weeks ago.All the classic jazz albums are there, as well as most of the Eno albums, which no doubt meets with the great man's approval.

  4. with an arm that hairy, let's hope it's a guy

  5. What a hero! (Though you didn't get ads for Blackberry when you went round to your mate's house...)

  6. Well it sounds great. But so do my CD and MP3 versions. It just makes me think that some people have too much spare time.

    I want to go off at a complete tangent and register my mild disappointment at David's use of "anymore" as one word.

    I know there's no logical reason why it should be two words when anywhere, anything and anyone have long been established as one.

    Nevertheless, it's a step too far for me. You see it in print more and more these days and it always leaps out of the page as a mistake. In my head it's only one notch below "definate" and "seperate".

    Please David, tell me it was a typing slip...

  7. Great listening! I'm on to Eno now
    BTW I don't seperate anymore anymore neither