Friday, August 03, 2007

Is it just me....

...or is anybody else surprised by the fact that all the papers are leading on the fact that one of the gang just gaoled for murdering an 18 year old in Camden is one of Idi Amin's children? Are we not slightly more concerned about the fact that one kid was attacked by a 40-strong gang within sight of the tube station? Isn't this a really disturbing mutation of our obsession with celebrities?


  1. Well, that and it gives the right-wing tabloids to wheel out their 'send 'em back' routine as well.

    I work in Camden, and it's such a horrid place for teenagers to be. I feel sorry for any parent whose kids hang around there; I feel that if they got into trouble, especially at weekends when middle-aged, interfering office workers like me aren't there, nobody would help them.

  2. But this is The Guardian, isn't it?
    And didn't they travel in from Tottenham?

  3. BBC London led with the Amin angle, not the kid chased and knifed 22 times on British high st side of the story. I got the feeling because it had been supressed to ensure a fair trial the press where bursting to tell us and it over rode the main story.