Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bullshit watch

Dandy editor Craig Graham said: "Following extensive research, we discovered The Dandy readers were struggling to schedule a weekly comic into their hectic lives. They just didn't have enough time. They're too busy gaming, surfing the net or watching TV, movies and DVDs."
As far as I can see most Dandy readers have just spent six weeks lying on the sofa staring glassily at a screen and occasionally stabbing at a remote control. At what point did this become the definition of a "hectic life"?


  1. GOM alert: Dandy Xtreme! the years do make me weary putting aside this obvious pr nonsense, time was when eating a huge plate of sausge and mash and avoiding a thrashing was as extreme as any boy needed. Skate boards in comics were just an excuse for a terrible pun on getting "skate and chips" as a reward! I always thought Dandy was the primmer cousin of the bad boy The Beano. (a walter the softy to their Dennis the menace). My nephews love mine and my brothers old comics mainly because they have good stuf to read in them and are well drawn are funny and exciting. Sorry I will go back to my Judge Dredd, Warlord and Action now

  2. Is the editor being ironic?

    How much did this little piece of obviousness cost?

  3. I like the way he manages to pretend the sales pitch is part of the 'findings of our research' ("...packed with the stuff kids need to know to stay in the loop - a lifestyle magazine attuned to their hectic lives, featuring all the latest trends, must-haves, must-sees and must-dos").

    Sounds like absolute garbage to my mind. If not, how is it that the Beano - aimed at a similar audience - is still weekly?



  4. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Dandy bloody Xtreme??
    We stand no chance of getting our 'kids' back into short trousers, side partings and laced-up shoes when publishers pull stunts like this. These are the same people who pulled Lord Snooty several years ago, as he was declared to be non-PC. Look what happened to street crime figures afterwards.
    What next for our favourite characters in the new, 'edgy' Xtreme?
    Upskirt shots of Beryl The Peril snapped by Keyhole Kate?
    Corporal Clott in Basra?
    Desperate Dan gives Blake Fielder-Civil a slap?
    Do they still give away those cardboard Thunderclaps?

  5. My son (7) loves playstation, harry potter, pirates of the carribbean, doctor who, playing in the garden, youtube, simpsons, spongebob like the rest of em.

    He also loves the Beano and mysteriously finds plenty of time to read a weekly comic it in his "hectic life".
    He's "sampled" the Dandy a few times but he's never turned into much of a fan. Maybe its simply, er, not any good anymore.

  6. I thought most Dandy readers were living in a retirement home near Marbella.