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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What Katy Watched Next

I don't particularly mind because, as my daughters frequently observe, I am a bit of a girl myself. However last night I felt I'd wandered into an area of the TV schedules that was designed exclusively with the female in mind.
For a start there was Andrew Davies's adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility", which began with a whispery unlacing scene which could have wandered in from "Emmanuelle Goes Regency". (It certainly didn't wander in from Jane Austen.) What followed, a succession of indecently handsome men throwing themselves at demure-looking maids on wind-swept cliff tops, had obviously been honed in focus groups to which no man had been admitted.
This was pursued by "Jam and Jerusalem" which seems to feature every actress over the age of forty who has ever worked for the BBC and was moist with self-congratulation. Then there was a trail for the upcoming "Lark Rise To Candleford", which seems to use the same actresses who were recently seen in "Cranford" and "Jam.." in different costumes.
Then there's "Mistresses", "a sexy, sophisticated and bold take on the lives of four women" and "Honest", in which a clutch of brassy blondes attempt to make honest men of the criminals in their life.
I once read a study of TV viewing habits which came to the conclusion that the remote control always resided on the right hand chair arm of the senior male in the family (which, as I know, does not always mean the oldest one). If this schedule is anything to go by, all this must have changed.