Tuesday, January 03, 2023

July 26th, 1966 was the day when football first became compulsory

According to Two Brothers by Jonathan Wilson, when Bobby and Jack Charlton were both playing for England in the semi-finals of the 1966 World Cup, their father Robert Charlton, who had no interest in football, was at work. He was that kind of man. 

When David Coleman heard that he’d missed the match he made sure that Dad was sent a tape and the means to play it on. 

If he had been bothered he would have been there. But no, he couldn't be permitted his one quiet, very Northern display of independence. Presumably Robert then had to dutifully sit down and give the impression of being excited by something which, frankly, he could take or leave. 

Even to this day nothing offends a broadcaster more than the idea of somebody not sharing the excitement they are professionally obliged to whip up.

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