Friday, February 03, 2017

This is what's happening with Word In Your Ear

Paul Gambaccini was our guest in a particularly riveting Word In Your Ear evening at the Islington last week. He was talking about everything from his time as a writer on Rolling Stone through his time at Radio One to his harrowing year under the shadow of the Metropolitan police Yewtree investigation. This is all detailed in his extraordinary book Love, Paul Gambaccini. You can hear the conversation here. You can also sign up to get further Word In Your Ear podcasts.

Next Wednesday our guests are Tony Fletcher and Barney Hoskyns. Tony, who's the former editor of Jamming magazine, will be talking about his various music biographies, including his new one In The Midnight Hour, which is the story of Wilson Pickett. Barney is with us, talking about and signing copies of his book Small Town Talk, which is all about the extraordinary musical background of Woodstock. There's a few tickets available here, where you can also sign up for the mailing list and make sure you get notice of upcoming events. We're hatching plans for spring right now.


  1. Anonymous9:50 am

    Come to Manchester. Come to Manchester! Just when I am not on holiday this time please.

  2. Seems to be on for all non-Apple users.

  3. All the time I was a Word subscriber, I never listened to the podcasts, sadly. But these are glorious, and very, very interesting. Top work, and maybe I will make one of the recordings.

  4. I'd recommend Gambo's book to anyone.

    I'm sure that under almost any other circumstance he would not have liked to reveal publicly so many intimacies about his private life. And so to hear him talk about the police, the Labour Party and the nanbobs at the BBC it is clear to me that he still bears much bitterness.

    I'm not sure that entertaining is the best way to describe this podcast but Paul definitely provided a little extra seasoning for those of us who have already read his book.