Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Which bands will be in the V&A in 2026?

The V&A have announced their Pink Floyd exhibition.

There are just four British acts who could justify this kind of treatment: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Pink Floyd.

Queen and Elton John would probably attract the public but places like the V&A are first and foremost snobs and they'd be too snooty to have them.

So that's just four, all of whom made their names in the first twenty years after Elvis.

And they've all kept on adding fans with each successive generation so that they're all more popular now than when they were doing their most popular stuff.

Who's making music nowadays that you'll be able to say the same about?

Who's come along since 1975 who might get the V&A treatment in 2026?


  1. I reckon Travis are a shoe-in.

  2. I'm going to have to point out that the expression is "shoo-in". Sorry.

  3. The obvious answer would be the Sex Pistols, whose influences musically, graphically, in fashion and attitudes, far outweigh acts like Queen or Elton John – were it not for all the tawdry intervening "punk" exhibitions every time a year ends in a 6...

  4. Maybe a heavy metal themed one - if I had to pick a single band I'd choose Iron Maiden.

  5. Shoe? Shoo?

    I thought it was Boot.

    Hey ho

  6. Not convinced by the Sex Pistols argument. If you're talking about influence on music, fashion, social behaviour etc. in the Seventies then the BeeGees have as strong a case - it was just as much the decade of disco as the decade of punk.

  7. They might not pack 'em in the like big four, but the Pet Shop Boys would do good business. Lots of costumes, for a start. And possibly Fleetwood Mac, but it would be mostly scarves.

  8. I’ve never been an avid fan of ether Bowie or Pink Floyd. Nor the Stones, if it comes to that, but I do like some of all of their stuff. And I agree that they merit this sort of treatment.
    Unless it’s passed me by and things passing me by is not at all unusual, I get the feeling that Floyd is the first outing of this kind for the V&A. If so, I’m left wondering how they made the choice, considering the other three “front runners”. In particular, The Beatles.

    Offhand I can’t think of anyone else I’d out forward. as for 2026, I'll leave that to the bookies.

  9. Bowie at the V&A in 2013

  10. Good shout on the PSB. A perfect fit for an art institution, with their very knowing use of designers, photographers and film makers. A classic case in point being this summer's shows at the Opera House. Dazzling, innovative, real Pop Art.
    Of course the other shoo-in would be Bjork who coincidentally already has an exhibition at Somerset House, though not a massive career retrospective.