Saturday, May 07, 2016

If only you could put tweets on the covers of books

Lots of people have tweeted about my book. I couldn't bear to let them all go by.

As Father's Day approaches and the weather starts to suit reading in the great outdoors I look forward to seeing interesting pictures of people enjoying it.

The first email I got from somebody who'd read it was from a blind man whose Kindle had read it to him. "I listened when I was supposed to be working," he confessed. That aside, this one gets an award for speed reading.
Then there was this...
...and this...
...and then you see inside people's lives...
...and meet their loved ones.
Some of them are well-known.
Some are miffed.
Some are in a hurry.
I like this one.
It doesn't matter whether or not you were there in 1971.
As we were reminded only this morning.
And did I mention this?


  1. Bravo David - just finished it, and it's terrific - the kind of book where you don't want it to end. I swear in some passages of the book I can even smell 1971.

    Can't wait for the sequel. But seriously, I just googled 'list of 1972 albums' and the result is also amazing.

  2. I too just finished it today - almost entirely read in my garden during various bursts of nice weather over the past couple of weeks. A terrific, hugely readable book David - full of insights both retrospectively constructed and remembered.

  3. 1971 best year in music ? Obviously nonsense, then I read the book. Can't really argue with it !
    A cracking read and a hell of a playlist.

  4. I'm curious if the publisher, flushed with success is gonna want a follow on? Can I suggest a title? My Aim Is True, 1977 Rocks Silver Year.
    Currently reading and loving the book, Florianopolis Brazil.