Thursday, October 09, 2014

Morrissey gets pranked by his own record company

You have to feel for Morrissey. Even in middle age he goes around trying to pick fights with people who apparently have better things to do. Current target is his record label Harvest. He says they haven't promoted his record enough. Acts always say this when the record hasn't sold enough. To underline his point he has his band dressed in tee shirts saying "Fuck Harvest". (Bit rich this, since the members of the band won't be signed to Harvest and therefore presumably have no quarrel with them.) Anyway, Harvest have responded by offering "Fuck Harvest" tee shirts for sale. They come in a choice of colours. Love to have been a fly on the wall when he got the news.


  1. I just got sent a Barclay James Harvest reissue CD in miniaturised album sleeve which omits the hallowed Harvest symbol , presumably because the owners of the music (Warners) don't have the right to use it!

    The resulting splodge, in green and yellow, looks more like a coloured Vertigo logo. Where will it all end? Presumably, with one company owning everything!

  2. He'll Probably sue for theft of intellectual property. Considering he's not (officially) a comedian, he does make me laugh.

  3. Morrisey still makes me laugh, but having read his statement, it appears to be quite measured; his “irritation” looks to be built on solid foundation. That said, nothing about Harvest’s behaviour seems unusual. A bit odd, considering sales, actual and potential, but in the overall scheme of the music business it has all the appearance of just another day at the factory.

  4. Morrisey is an odd fish whose intemperate outbursts do little to endear himself to anyone. In doing so, though, he has at least avoided that pitfall of prolonged artistic output i.e. being labelled 'A National Treasure'.