Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Was that the most men-against-boys football match of all time

Imagine you were managing an under-13 football team and their star striker got injured before a big cup tie. They might suggest to you that they wanted to take the shirt of the missing player out and hold it up  during the pre-match formalities. It's the kind of idea over-excited small boys have.

You would quietly tell them that you didn't think that was a good idea. You'd be thinking, I want the team concentrating on what they're going to do in the match, not indulging in this gesture of self-pity.

They lost 7-1. The Brazilians were playing a sentimental game in their heads. The Germans were playing an actual game on the pitch. I loved it. Half the fun of football is watching it go wrong for other people. What I liked about it most was the muted German celebrations after each goal. I think we need more of that kind of thing.


  1. I agree it made for great TV. And I'd agree with the Brazilian ex player (Janinio? I'm not a great football expert) after the game who said he enjoyed it as he enjoyed football - and football was the winner. A genuinely admirable attitude after your team have just been globally humiliated.

  2. Menaces against boys, as I'll keep saying at every opportunity. Yes football and the World Cup win. Germany must be heroes of everyone who loves the World Cup. With the best young Brazilian players taken out of Brazil at younger and younger ages I do wonder if they can build a team the Germany way.